Tuesday, December 27, 2011

You and me

You at the cafeteria...
My eyes have done this a thousand times now:
Wander for a while and trace back to you.
Like a ball set in motion at the rim of a funnel.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Translation of Kadhal Vaithu from Deepavali

Love Sunk

I awaited embracing all the love and desire,
trying to sieve your voice in the air…

In your mirth I realized music.
In your drift I realized direction.

I fell into the sea of love,
but remained afloat even after I was ashore.

Your moves made me move.
Alas! I vanished beautifully and seen nowhere.

Every time I heard the fairy tales,
I dismissed them to be farce.
But when my eyes met yours,
they fathomed it cannot be false.

My dainty mornings arise
with the sweet hope of seeing you.
My dusky evenings set
with the intoxication of having seen you.

The day I saw you
Mesmerizes me like the day of my dawn.
The words I spoke to you
echoes deep down inside my heart.

You made me
speak to the sea,
sham the concept of time.
You made me
bathe with the rain
celebrate the sun.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Childlike Joy

I twisted and curled in my bed.
Forget it. You are crazy, I said. 

I thought I would be able to tame, 
But my heart was not game. 

Yet again I was moonstruck. 
Could not say if it was good or bad luck. 

And when clock struck three,  
I thought I must let it free  
and stop the insane spree.  

I was so fixated that I would not rest. 
And went on as long as the joy would last, 
Till I got all the words right. 

And then when I was finally done, 
All I could say was... a-w-e-s-o-m-e! 
About this masterpiece from the maestro's son.

The above was what exactly happened just before, during, and after my attempt to translate the song Kadhal Vaithu... from Deepavali.
Coming soon... 

P.S.: After a few rounds of editing, I removed a few lines from the above piece to give it some twist... :-)

 Could not say if it was good or bad luck. 
Translation thoughts were firmly stuck.
And when clock struck three,  
I thought I must let it free  
and stop the insane spree. 
So I left the bed,
With the song looping in my head.
I was so fixated that I would not rest.