Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Translation of Kannazhaga from 3

Music, Man and Woman, and Magic

I wonder what is beautiful...
Is it your eyes or toes?
You are my golden beauty,
and the man for the lady.

Is it your tiptoeing fingers 
that tread over?
Or your demeanour 
that weaves 
a myriad of magic together?

Oh my life, 
there isn't anything as you
that is dearer to me,
among the living.

Oh my beauty,
there isn't anything as you,
that is beautiful 
among the beautiful.

You look somewhere 
and say the unsaid.
And your enrapturing magic 
makes me all set, 
to cross our limit.

All I do is 
to look into you, 
and say the truth.
Of course, I look for means 
to entwine my life with yours.

Let's let our lips 
meet each other.
I am sure, 
this isn't a new curse... 

Close your eyes
and draw near me,
there isn't 
any better pleasure 
than this.

Come look into me, 
let me hear the truth,
I would teach you 
to entwine our lives.

You are my doe-eyed, 
quintessence and epitome 
of beauty.
You are my life 
there isn't anything as you
that is dearer to me,
among the living.

Music aka Magic depicts the rest...


Kantha Rao said...

Nice translation, one of the best on net.. Keep it up.. :)

ps:- suggestion, could be better if you could alternate the lyrics between the tamil and its translation. :) Anyway good job..

reNUka said...

Thanks very much! It is very encouraging. :-)

bhuvana said...

awesome...Gone thru most of ur translations... No words...
U Rock !!

reNUka said...

Hi bhuvana! Thank you very much! You made my day! :-)

Ajeesh Sivadas said...

Wow. . .very fit and nice translation. I have gone through your 'Kathal Vaithu' from Deepavali, that was also very nice. The English Words you are using in translation are very apt with the situation!! Rc- Add Tamil lyrics too.

reNUka said...

Thanks very much Ajeesh! :-)
Sorry about the late reply!
About adding the Tamil lyrics, there are so many pages are already providing the Tamil lyrics. So just wondering what value-add it would provide...

Anonymous said...

Thank u very much u made me fall in love wid dis song...i am learning tamil and telugu simultaneously....i jst love tamil nd telugu movies dese ppl are too gud in film making....Hope one day i will also help some learner like me in understanding dese two beautiful languages....

reNUka said...

Thanks anon! Yes indeed... Both are beautiful languages! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this translation! I am borrowing it for my English homework (and will cite your page). Thanks a bunch :D

Anushka said...

Great Job ! What a poetic translation ! Keep it up

reNUka said...

Thanks anon and Anushka! :-)

Rishabh Baid said...

I agree with others these are the best among all available english translations on the internet. I was born in chennai (thats why i understand a little tamil, kunjom kunjom :) ) i watch tamil films but depend either on my mom or my maternal uncle for the translations. But thank the internet and subtitles that I can understand tamil movies & songs.

reNUka said...

Thanks Rishab! :-) And sorry for the late reply!
Nice to hear that I was of help to you...

Anonymous said...

Best use of words to translate not just words, also the unsaid emotions of this song. Awesome !

reNUka said...

Thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

Jatuh cinta dengan cerita dan semua lagu dalam filem ni . Encik tunang lah ni libatkan saya <3 , dah mula jatuh cinta dengan bahasa kebangsaan dia sendiri . Thankyou iloveyou .

reNUka said...

Hey anon, Thanks to Google; i figured that it was Malay that you have written the comments in. Yes indeed. The movie 3 has great songs in it!