Monday, August 27, 2012

Translation of Idhu Varai from Goa

The Mellifluous Love Song

This is a never-before feeling.
It is the dream that shaped in my heart.
Do you hear the song about the splendid day?

A thing masked unintentionally
is now seen blooming all by itself,
exposing what was never explored ever before.

As I see happiness brimming over,
I wonder when I would realise my true state of affairs?
Days snail by with a heaving heart and sleepless nights...

The unceasing dream torments me without pain,
and teaches me about the teasing pleasures.

Come on! O dear! You must come along,
'Cos the journey of mine is far too long!

There... I see the cloud and moon waltzing.
Oh! Who would empathize my feelings?

My heart isn't as yours... I perceive a change,
and a parade of an esoteric portrayal of itself.

My dear... calm down! I assure this will pass by.

My bosom abounds with a spirited feel.
I see dearer relationships blooming aplenty,
and the doors opening up to a roomful of hope!

My skin wakes up to myriad feelings,
the breeze blankets itself on me,
and the raging desire rushes ahead!


Anonymous said...

You've become an expert translator. :-)


reNUka said...

Thanks! :-)

Rique Roy-Challa said...

I took it for good that this song simply cannot be translated. You've done it justice. Good on ya mate!

reNUka said...

Thanks very much! :-)