Friday, January 28, 2005

Hey!! I found this is one of my friend's blog. Agreed that for the amount of introspection that I do, I can easily fall for such things - I mean such tests. I wouldn’t mind taking personality tests. I do believe that they have been designed with some psychology behind it. Anyway the below gives a gist of who I am. The result seems to be true. In fact the elaborate version was good. Don’t ask me for that. You can’t expect me to be such an open book!!! :-)

My Inner Hero - Warrior!
I'm a Warrior!

I'm courageous, straightforward, and charismatic. I'm a born leader, but I'm also not afraid to face danger on my own. Nothing stands between me and victory... nothing that lives to tell the tale, anyway. If you need someone to charge into battle for you, call on me.

How about you? Click here to find your own inner hero.

You could find if what you think about yourself and what the psychometric reveals match at this place. And of course mail me about what it says about you. It will be nice knowing somebody through this mode. :-)

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Two momentous days at mysore!!! Well, the return journey was as good as any other part of the whole trip. One highlight of the whole journey was the extempore poetry recited by my colleagues. One started out singing, ‘Kaho naah pyar haiiiii…..’ and the rest was history. Ok. One word of caution – this has to be interpreted in tamil only – otherwise the whole beauty of it diminishes. Go on….

Kaho naah pyar hai
Ambathu ambathu noor hai
Thayir-la thanni oothina more hai
Thanni adichha gaer hai
United nations-la erukkaru Al Gore hai
Hari podara jeans paeru bare hai
Nee dress podala-nna bare hai
Gopi vaayila spoon hai
Ceiling-la erukradhukku paeru fan-nu hai
Moraikradhukku English-la stare hai
Car oatradhukku vaenum gere hai
Vellaikku English-la fair hai
India voda first prime minister Nehru hai

Beware!!! This is not an exhaustive list. I will have to interact with the ‘EP’s (Extempore Poets) to get more out of life. Oh my… this particular session in the train journey was so much fun. I mean so much creativity with such a casual attitude and spontaneity. Though I don’t endorse everything that they do, I am sure it isn’t a simple thing to create something with such naturalness. Anyway, you will have to believe me if I say this is just an infinitesimal part of the infinite fun that the whole team had over there!

Friday, January 21, 2005

Well, I am back!! In fact I had refrained from updating my blog due to the recent intentional publicity of the identity of my blog. Anyway, I have come out of that shy-feeling and have decided to unleash!! From December 26th till date so many events have happened, which have gone unnoticed by the world. What I have done is something like, denying access to the doors of a theatre because there are chances that a small set of people may access the screen through the windows. Now, don’t ask me to name a theatre that has windows in it!!

Anyway, here I am. Well, the new-year went on fine!!! I decided to start my new year with KILL BILL Vol2 – yeah I have seen it earlier but I wanted to watch it again that day. Ok I shall take up my thoughts on KILL BILL Vol2 in my subsequent blogs. It was three by the time the movie was over.

Kill Bill Vol.2

I knew exactly what was going to happen the next two days: Jan 1 and 2, 2005. It was going to be two days of busy shopping as my friend is shifting to the US of A. But at the same time I had to catch up with quite a considerable amount of work. It was about 3.30 when I finished with the conversations. I didn’t have the mood to sleep. So I decided to work. I worked till about 6.30 or so. I had to use the washing machine, rather my washing machine. That was the first of the costliest purchases that I made with my earnings till then. Decided to buy a bouquet for my friend and visited her house. Then off to shopping!! I shall write a brief about the shopping sessions in my next blog.

Then later in the week there were quite a considerable amount of work at office. Had to plan and execute it in a right manner as I would be leaving to MYSORE!!! for the inter development center competitions. The Monday went on fine as I was working on the two assignments in parallel. Tuesday I had called up my clients onsite to work out a plan. It was agreed that I would consolidate my queries and send them that day itself and that they would clear the doubts tonight (a day for them – the American lag comes in handy here). I was really tired that day and was feeling really sleepy. But I had to consolidate the doubts and send it to them that day. Else I am gonna be hit really bad. Now what do I do?

A brilliant idea crossed my mind!! Watch KILL BILL!!! Yup. In fact it worked fine, as I exactly knew which part of the movie to watch to keep my adrenals pumping. The disk 2 of Vol1. At around 11 the movie was over. I started working on the document compiled them and sent it by around 12.45 am. I felt really happy. Slept at around 2 after chatting with my blog friend. The next day, to my surprise, all the queries had been answered and everything was set for the final day of the week. Now I had to run a race. I had the final day TT practice before the D-day, I had to complete and send the documents for review. There were quite a few hiccups in finalizing the recipient of the document to be reviewed. Amidst all glitches, I finally made up my mind and decided to send the document for an internal review rather than to send it directly to the clients. And I did it.

It was about 9 when I reached home after some shopping for the trip and the packing went on till about 11.30 pm. I had to get up at around 2 am and subsequently get ready as the cab was supposed to be on its way by around 4.30. The cab came at around 4.45 and from there, I started my trip to Mysore. Around 5.05 we reached the station. We were a total of 49 in strength: 45 participants and 4 senior members to accompany our journey and look after us. Literally to look after us. I didn’t know we could create such a ruckus. Anyway all these came later in the journey!

Now, at the start of the journey I had a small trouble of figuring out who is going to sit next to me. I obviously cant expect company from my team members as the other two were guys. The teams were in groups and they had no reasons other than obvious reasons to keep away from someone in their team and also no such obvious cases were seen. And our trains don’t have a single-seating arrangement either. Let me wait – I came to a state of mind where whoever that is who sits I shall make them my company. To my surprise, a person who I knew quite well compared to all others sat next to me. Though I had least expected it to happen, I was quite happy with the company: our branch HR manager.

Slowly the truth started hitting me: All the compartments in this train were AC coaches and the windows were sealed. There were screens covering the windows too. Seemed as if the windows were draped to cover such a shame of not having the windows open. Really what a shame to leave the windows sealed in a train!! My immediate reaction was to turn to my company and ask if she had traveled in such trains. Well, can I change the fact that it is sealed? Nope!! It was dark as such and to top it all, the glasses were tinted and I could not witness the departure of the train from the station. Believe me that’s the worst thing that could ever happen to a passenger.

I cant even hear the train moving!! What a horrible frame of mind to start a train journey…well… that teaches the first lesson for the day! Expect the unexpected and learn to enjoy every moment that you live. And so I started my journey. Full of surprises and more to come. After a while I started with ‘Angels and Demons’ by Dan brown. Till then I had a very good impression on the author. But not for long. The first few pages were literally parallels to ‘Da Vinci Code’. Well it was like watching a badly executed Hindi movie that was made out of a Tamil movie that I had already seen. Ok Ok… I shouldn’t say so. It wasn’t that bad. Anyway I am irritated as it was quite predictable – not as exciting as his second book which the whole world read as if it were his first book. But believe me, had the initial set of reviewers of ‘Da Vinci Code’ been the people who had already read his first book: ‘Angels and Demons’, they would have outright given a thumbs down for ‘Da Vinci Code’. Anyway, forget it. It was a disappointment for me. That’s that.

By now I think we had our breakfast. By the way, shathapthi is sheer luxury. You get incessant water, food, peace all through your journey. So many thoughts were flashing on to my mind for my blog, like how when our loved ones spread all over our brain when we are idle and have nothing else to think. So many thoughts came to my mind, but I refuted my urge to pen them down. I gave such a lame excuse of not having a keyboard and a monitor for not registering them somewhere. (Even now my mind writes keyboard and monitor rather than CPU which is supposed to be the integral part of a computer.) This is when I realized how addicted have I become to the idea of blogging. But I just couldn’t resist after this thought flashed my mind. It is something like the troika thunders: menaka, ramba and orvasi trying to woo our vishwamitra. Somewhere at the back of my head I hear a thud and subsequently the words ‘rombo adangama aadraey’ which means have been ‘dancing too much without control over yourself’. So I shall control my unleashing.

And what is that thought? It is this: Traveling in an AC coach can be compared to watching a TV that has been muted.

Felt quite happy about the thought. Anyway, after this excellent thought, I wasn’t able to tread along very successfully as expected. May be it was just to prove a point that one can never control the urge to write whatever may be the shortcomings.

So went our train journey!! At around 2 we had reached the place of accommodation. I shall, in a short while, write a brief on what happened after this. Bye for now!!