Sunday, July 15, 2012

Translation of Sota Sota from Engeyum Eppothum

Hail L O V E, the conqueror...!

Soak me up beyond reason, 
Enrage me even without a word,
Make me fly far from reach.
You almost melted me, and 
Teased me with your elusion.
had to chide me to realize your love.

My heart always shudders
like the rail that runs the train.

One fine day, you fell into my eyes 
like a fertile seed,
And when I flicked my eyes,
there you were,
grown as a huge tree in my heart.

I wonder what would happen next?
The heart would sure 
fake what just happened.

Like a curious kitten, love peeks out,
And checks up on the limits of impulse.
Yes it does, it does, and defeats.

The God made the man's heart
out of cold wax and made it melt,
every second that it saw the beloved.

menacing silence prevails.
And I am just loving it.

Your words and breath struck me, 
and left me helpless.
The memories that you left behind
sparked, and conquered me.

Yes it did, it did, and won me over.

Monday, July 09, 2012


Even the hardest to swallow as well as the most bitter of conversations did not deter the enthusiasm that a circumstantially withdrawn set of songs created, when it was rediscovered after about six years. 

I think this delight is called music therapy.

P.S.: This post takes the honor of receiving the most number of predefined tags!