Friday, January 27, 2006

after a long time...

i felt grateful to my friends,
i lazed around doing nothing,
i felt wasted after watching tv the whole day,
i have lost interest in someone,
i wanted to write,
i wrote using my personal computer,
i dozed off while i was attempting to think hard,

i kept the food wastes
on the secluded corner of the parapet wall,

i despised and feared a copious insect
that has been ruthlessly cruel to me,

i was about to slip into an unwanted
theme of character analyses.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

life is beautiful... again, is it not?

the bed of pale frosted grass, the bright green footsteps on the frosted grass, the gleaming sun in the east,

the shimmering reflection of the sun-gold on the melting dew, the mix of the warmth of the basking sun and the morning chill, the inexpressible feeling when the baking sun sprawls on the skin,

the bright early evenings, the sprightly light and crisp evening air, the sunset that you perceive but not see,

the vacillating twilight,

the defeated dusk, the vapors dying to deform as dew, the rising vapors falling as dew,

the dark deep shivering nights, the clothes that snug you, the freezing ice needles around the ear lobes,

the deserted dazing roads, the warmth under the thick covers, the requisite respite,

the fresh feet that feels the cold floor tiles, the hot ablution, the vapor on the mirror, the words on the glass, the rejuvenated life,

the rediscovered passion, the regained love, the resurgent sprightliness, the words revelatory of good omen.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Wen Raey is here!

Exertions taught me new lessons,
making me muse all the way to glory.

With Wen Raey,

Hope I see more Monday mornings and
more trucks that gush the dust.

hOpe I remember to...
accept paradoxes and recharges gracefully, and
tackle the blocks that eventually give bliss,
be grateful to the wondrous ensembles and
the pecks on the cheek,

hoPe I encounter more silhouettes
that make me see life, sleep, and death, all in one.

And, HOPE to have more memories
that give me a feel that life IS beautiful.

Wish you all a happy new year!