Sunday, January 01, 2006

Wen Raey is here!

Exertions taught me new lessons,
making me muse all the way to glory.

With Wen Raey,

Hope I see more Monday mornings and
more trucks that gush the dust.

hOpe I remember to...
accept paradoxes and recharges gracefully, and
tackle the blocks that eventually give bliss,
be grateful to the wondrous ensembles and
the pecks on the cheek,

hoPe I encounter more silhouettes
that make me see life, sleep, and death, all in one.

And, HOPE to have more memories
that give me a feel that life IS beautiful.

Wish you all a happy new year!


S m i t h a said...

Hey, Have a wonderful year ahead!

wookie said...

Happy 2006! Wish you a great year ahead.

reNUka said...

s m i t h a - there you are! :-) thaankkooo!! wish you the same!

wookie! welcome home after a long time (i guess i shud say this to everybody)!! have a great year ahead!

nithya said...

Hmm. You should not have said to me! that, this poem contains words mostly from the titles of your previous postings!

Anywayz, with the time I could squeeze in, I was able to reach the peck in your cheek! ;)

Good creative writing you have da! splendid ones! ( amazing, phenomenal, ETIOK )

May the dust unfurl to reveal the road ahead in this raey wen!

reNUka said...

welcome home nithya! thanks for ur encouraging words :-)

REFLEX said...

WOW, Wonderful.

reNUka said...

:-) thanks reflex!