Monday, July 09, 2012


Even the hardest to swallow as well as the most bitter of conversations did not deter the enthusiasm that a circumstantially withdrawn set of songs created, when it was rediscovered after about six years. 

I think this delight is called music therapy.

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Anonymous said...

Etha purinjuka 3 varusam english literature lam padikanam pol iruke. :-|


reNUka said...

:D I've come a long way; but occasionally tread back to such complexities!
matter idhu thaan: to make it a bit easier to relate, lemme equate 'conversation' to 'medicine'. So, it is just that music (as usual) was a therapy--it made me forget the bitterness. Here music was in the form of a long-forgotten playlist, but never thought it would have such an effect on the bitterness.

Palani said...

Hi Renuka,

Have you translated this song? If not could you help me get the translation for this song:

Santhikatha Kangalil Inbangal song from movie 180


reNUka said...

Hi Palani, Sorry abt the really late reply! :-)
Sure will give it a try.