Friday, January 28, 2005

Hey!! I found this is one of my friend's blog. Agreed that for the amount of introspection that I do, I can easily fall for such things - I mean such tests. I wouldn’t mind taking personality tests. I do believe that they have been designed with some psychology behind it. Anyway the below gives a gist of who I am. The result seems to be true. In fact the elaborate version was good. Don’t ask me for that. You can’t expect me to be such an open book!!! :-)

My Inner Hero - Warrior!
I'm a Warrior!

I'm courageous, straightforward, and charismatic. I'm a born leader, but I'm also not afraid to face danger on my own. Nothing stands between me and victory... nothing that lives to tell the tale, anyway. If you need someone to charge into battle for you, call on me.

How about you? Click here to find your own inner hero.

You could find if what you think about yourself and what the psychometric reveals match at this place. And of course mail me about what it says about you. It will be nice knowing somebody through this mode. :-)


Anonymous said...

oi manju!!!

appa adhutaa ammaaa neee dhaaanaa!!!


shantanu said...

hey, came here thru....ummm, forgot how i came here. just blog hopping u see...neways, nice blog u got there. will keep visiting...:)

Sriram said... wonder u liked that analysis... :)
useful link...thnx!

reNUka said...

Thanks for the Visit!!

shub said...

totally unrelated to the post...but ans to ur q-- :) well...i know tamil cos i'm tam...i've been to chennai but never lived there(phew!!)...jus born , brought up n been living all my life in bangalore:)