Friday, February 04, 2005

Blog Wandering

I have been doing a lot of blog wandering these days. I was reading almost all the posts of a few blogs that I found interesting. A few of the blogs that I read from their first post till date were ‘Walk with me.’, ‘myspace’, ‘Anonymously Yours’ and a few others. I have added the urls of the same in the ‘Recently visited’ section of this blog. (This doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t visit any other blogs.)

In fact, I have been reading bits and pieces of many blogs for the past few days. I am sure I would have trodden a minimum of 25 blogs this week. A few of that I had been through were of any of the following categories. Indian bloggers settled/trying to settle/living abroad, a few working in different Indian states but have TN/Chennai as their origin, a few blogging from the same hometown – be it of a foreigner or an Indian.

Like how the analyses and documentation of every long drawn activity proves to be useful at some point in time, I thought I will for sure write a post on the different styles of blogs that I came across. Almost all were distinct in nature; and all those I liked were of Indian origin. I don’t know why I don’t like the way a personal blog of that of a foreign origin is written. May be it is the way they present it. But there were quite a number of similarities amongst the Indian blogs. I have listed down a few points that I noted.

Simple templates with the background colour generally being either very dark as or very light. Basically, most of them were pleasant to look at.

One interesting pattern that I found is that most of the bloggers who have gone abroad have black as their background. It could be because of the fact that when they started blogging they could have chosen the one that their friends had; anyway that is my deduction.

Most of the blogs offer something that the readers can take home. Some blogs were reflecting the philosophy of life, some reflecting a philosophy of their own life etc.

The posts were easy to read and to the point, unlike a few foreign blogs that either had offensive language or their style was totally different.

Almost every blog had the Haloscan commenting system in place.

Very few blogs had a calendar and a site meter in them. May be the counter might be invisible but then we assume that only what we see is the real thing right?

As I had read a few blogs at a stretch, I could see how they have lived their life since they started blogging. In a few cases how they it was even before they started blogging.

Almost everybody has been happy that they have started blogging. They have either mentioned it directly or have felt that blogging is a welcome gift for them with a sense of gratitude.

Every blogger had a unique way of presenting their thoughts and the degree of privacy varied hugely.

Some have reserved their blog for daily use, some twice a day, a few monthly one or twice and some without any distinct periodicity.

For almost all bloggers that I came across, blogging came into their lives in the year 2004.

For a few bloggers, blogging is a compensatory act. I mean blogging has become a means to fill the time that they had originally used it in some way.

For some it is just another means to express their thoughts and feelings.

These are the few deductions that I made from my blog-wandering.

A few other things that were first timers for me, was to comment. I should say I am an introvert when it comes to commenting on blogs. I was the kind who silently read the blogs that came my way and said nothing at all. But then I thought life was boring that way. So I am surprised to see that I have left comments on a few blogs and a few have picked my blog from where I left a comment as well; thereby bringing in new visitors to my home on the net. I should say that marks the beginning of a new walk of life!!


saranyan said...

Hey, nice analysis. So have you read mine fully, all the posts :-)

you have a nice blog here, so one more visitor in me :)

dumbs said...

how did u get my link?

anyways nice analysis.

The Last Blogger said...

Came via Saranyans blog. Nice analysis. I have been blogging only for a while now and have been trying to visit as many blogs as time permits which is not much, sadly. But good post.

JaganLee said...

Good analysis.
thanks for blog rolling me. :-)

Citruz said...

good analysis,
This is what i did when i started blogging.i just wandered the same way u u know, i had seen blogs where 2 ppl from different countries write in the same blog alternatively...where they will be just chat friends.In some blogs i had even read about blog friends from different countries meeting togather, if any one goes to other's nation - what a thrilling meeting it will be na...nowerdays blogs are changing the lives yaar!!keep writing..blogging will change ur life Wishes 4u buddy!!

Citruz said...

forgot to thank you for linking me buddy...lemme say it in our sweet tamizh..."Mikka Nanri, yen vazhai pathivuku meendum varuga"

Chakra Sampath said...

Came here from Saranyan's blog... nice analysis and a good blog.. will be a regular here.. keep blogging!

- Chakra.

reNUka said...

Saranyan, Thanks a lot for visiting my blog. Havent read all ur posts - Will do it soon!!

Anush - i picked when i was listenin to the constant ramblings ;-)

Ranga - Thnks for visiting!!! :-)

JanganLee - Thanks!!

Citrus - Thanks for visitin!! Yeah wht u said seems to be true - it so happened today i visited one of my blog friends. Abt ur second comment - i suppose it is 'vazhkai pathivu'?

I still consider 'citrus' to be one of the best adaptations of ur name. chitrarasu to citrus!!!

Chakra - Thanks for the visit!!

Anu said...

Great analysis... thks for visiting my blog, its really fun to have new people as you, I love to read and dont comment much... so even if i dont comment be sure that I probably read all ur posts..


Anonymous said...

oi manju adhu vandhu vallaipadhivu nu nenaikiraen...web blog..!!!!!!!

Saranya Kishore said...

Hiya Renuka,
Did not know you had blogrolled me until Saranyan commented on my blog.
Nice page you have here.
I have a friend called Renuka Devi and I for a moment thought it was her! :)

Anyways nice to know you. I will dorp by whenever I get a chance.

Have fun!

PS: I am tempted to change my background color from black to something else, but it is my favorite color! :)

shantanu said...

Hey Hey Hey, kewl analysis...
and yeah, i like ur sitemeter...shows certain digits like quake ones...
neways, u just got linked...:)

reNUka said...

Hi saranya,

Thanks for the comment!! n keep smiling :-)

Hello shatanu!!!

Thanks for visitin. In fact i spent abt 20 minutes to select the counter style and this one appealed the most to me. Thanks for linkin me!! :-)