Thursday, February 10, 2005

Last of the Kill Bill scripts series!! RIP ;-)

This is quite an amazing scene and my favourite in the whole of the movie. This is where Beatrix Kiddo meets her child after four years. In fact, she is unaware of the fact that her child is still alive. Uma Thurman's expressions are simply quite amazing. Too good. Just too good!!!

What the Bride sees in front of her is, Bill in a tuxedo, holding a small, orange squirt gun pointed at her. Standing next to him is five-year-old little B.B., dressed up in a very pretty party dress, arm outstretched holding a orange squirt gun, aimed at The Bride. The three look at each other for a moment, then Bill says;

BILL (loudly): Bang Bang!

Then he suddenly clutches his abdomen like he's just been shot.

BILL: Oh B.B., Mommy got us.

B.B. lowers her gun and plays out a big dying scene alongside her dad...Bill falls to the floor.

BILL: Oh, I'm dying...I'm dying...

B.B. parrots this.

B.B.: Oh, I'm dying...I'm dying...

Bill on the floor, says up to his little girl;

BILL: Fall down sweetheart, Mommy shot you.

The little girl falls down pretend dead. The Bride, still absentmindedly pointing her weapon at them, is truly thrown. Bill delivers his lines from the floor, spoken like a dying breath;

BILL: You did it Quick Draw Kiddo. You are-the fastest.

And with these last words, pretends to die.

But then while pretending to be dead, he speaks in a dramatic narrator's voice.

BILL: But...little did Quick Draw Kiddo know,...that five-year-old B.B. Gunn was only playing possum, due to the fact she was impervious to bullets.

B.B. raises her head off the floor and says;

B.B. (to Mommy): I'm impervious to bullets, Mommy.

BILL(to B.B.): Hey, get back down there, you're playing possum.

The little girl's head drops back down. Bill continues his dramatic narration;

BILL: So, as the smirking killer approached, what she thought, was a bullet-ridden corpse,...that's when the little B.B. Gunn fired.

B.B. springs up holding her tiny orange squirt gun and says;

B.B.: Bang bang!

The Bride continues watching in gobsmackery. Bill raises his head off the floor, and says to her in his normal voice;

BILL: Mommy, you're dead - so die.

The Bride shakes off her confusion, and acts out a big death scene for her little girl.

THE BRIDE: Oh, B.B., you got me. I should have known, you are the best.

She falls to the floor and pretends to die. The little girl in her party dress, runs over to the big girl in her wedding dress, and kneels over her mommy. Mommy opens her eyes.

B.B.: Don't die Mommy, I was just playing.

From the floor, looking up at her daughter, she speaks to her for the first time.

MOMMY: I know baby.

They embrace each other.

B.B.: I waited a long time for you to wake up, Mommy. Did you dream of me - I dreamed of you?

The female killer says to her daughter as mommieness begins to creep into her voice;

THE BRIDE: Every single night, baby.

She holds her daughter out at arm's length to get a better look at her.

THE BRIDE: Now let me look at you. My my my...What a pretty girl you are.

B.B.: You're pretty too, Mommy.

B.B. starts stroking her mother's long blonde hair.

THE BRIDE: Thank you.

All of a sudden, Bill has joined them on the floor.

BILL: When I showed you Mommy's picture, tell Mommy what you said.

The little girl gets shy.

BILL: C'mon shy girl, you know what you said, tell Mommy, it'll make her feel good.

As she strokes her long blonde hair, little B.B. says;

B.B.: I said - I said - You're the most beautiful woman I ever saw in the whole white world.

BILL: That's the truth. That's what she said.


The dining room of Bill's house. The family, mother father and daughter, sit at the dinner table eating.

BILL: B.B., don't you think Mommy has the prettiest hair in the whole wide world?

B.B.: Yes I do.

BILL: In fact it's better than pretty. What's better than pretty?

B.B.: Gorgeous.

BILL: Very good, gorgeous. Mommy is gorgeous.

The Bride shows no sign of thawing around Bill.

BILL: You know baby, Mommy's kinda mad at Daddy.

B.B.: Why? Where you a bad daddy?

BILL: I'm afraid I was. I was a real bad daddy. (to Mommy) Our little girl learned about life and death the other day. (to B.B.) You want to tell Mommy about what happened to Emilio?

B.B.: I killed him. I didn't mean to, but I stepped on him and he stopped moving.

BILL: Emilio was her goldfish. She came running into my room holding the fish in her hand, crying, "Daddy daddy, Emilio's dead." And I said, "Really, that's so sad. How did he die?" And what did you say?

B.B.: I stepped on him.

BILL: Actually young lady, the words you so strategically used were, "I accidentally stepped on him." Right?

B.B.: Yeah.

BILL: To which I queried, "And just how did your foot accidentally find its way into Emilio's fishbowl?" And she told me no no no, Emilio was on the carpet when she stepped on him. (beat) Hummmmmm, the plot thickens. And just how did Emilio get on the carpet? And Mommy, you would have been real proud of her, because she didn't lie. She said she took Emilio out of his bowl, and put him on the carpet. And what was Emilio doing on the carpet, baby?

B.B.: He was -- flapping.

BILL: And then you stomped on him?

B.B.: Uh-huh.

BILL: And when you lifted your foot up, what was Emilio doing then?

B.B.: Nothing.

BILL: He stopped flapping, didn't he?

B.B.: Uh-huh.

BILL: And you knew what that meant, didn't you?

B.B.: Uh-huh.

BILL: What did that mean?

B.B.: He was dead.

BILL: (to Mommy) She told me later, that the second she lifted up her foot and saw him not flapping, she knew he was dead. Is that not the perfect visual image of life and death? A fish flapping on the carpet, and a fish not flapping on the carpet. So powerful even a five-year old child with no concept of life and death knew what it meant. Not only did she know Emilio was dead, she knew she had killed him. So she comes running into my room, holding Emilio in both of her little hands - it was so cute - and she wanted me to make Emilio better. And I asked her, why did she step on Emilio? And she said, she didn't know. But I knew why. You didn't mean to hurt Emilio, you just wanted to see what would happen if you stepped on him, right?

B.B.: Uh-huh.

BILL: And what happens when you stomp on Emilio, is you kill him. And you discovered that, didn't you?

B.B.: Uh-huh.

BILL: So we drove down to the beach, had a little funeral, and gave Emilio a burial at sea. And right now I'm sure he's happy as can be, swimming around in fish heaven. But the point being, our child learned two very important lessons. One, about life and death. The other, somethings once you do, they can't be undone. I knew just how she felt (to B.B.) You loved Emilio, didn't you?

B.B.: Uh-huh.

BILL: Well sweety, I love Mommy, but I did to Mommy what you did to Emilio.

B.B.: You stomped on Mommy?

BILL: Worse. (making his finger a gun) I shot Mommy. Not pretend shoot, like we were just doing. I shot her for real.

B.B.: Why?

BILL: I don't know.

B.B.: Did you want to see what would happen?

BILL: No, I knew what would happen to Mommy if I shot her. What I didn't know, is when I shot Mommy, what would happen to me.

B.B.: What happened?

BILL: I was very sad. And that was when I learned, somethings once you do, they can never be undone.

B.B.: What happened to Mommy?

BILL: Why don't you ask Mommy.

B.B.: Are you okay Mommy. Does it hurt?

BILL: No sweety, it doesn't hurt anymore.

B.B.: Did it make you sick?

MOMMY: It put me to sleep. That's why I haven't been with you B.B., I've been asleep.

B.B.: But you're awake now, right?

MOMMY: I'm wide awake, pretty girl.


shantanu said...

Sorry yaar, but dint read ur post..actually havent seen the movie and going to see soon. so dint want to know any surprise elements beforehand

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy - its the thought to visit that counts and u have established very well!! jus kiddin... thanks anyway - yeah i dont want to be a spoil sport by bursting out the suspense and beauty in the movie. please do watch the movie and u will certainly find these scipts intersting. and pls dont scold me if it cold blodded as others find it to be. :-)


Anonymous said...

hey kiddo,
Good to see some of my fav dialogues out a crazy Quentin fan.
"I want you to know that I like this"
- i call myself the crazy 1

Anonymous said...

you are the only girl i know who loves killbill to this extent..! get started a quentin tarantino fan club..!


The Last Blogger said...

The last part of KB2 is surreal. I saw it the day of release in the US and was expecting the mother of all fights between Bride and Bill. Was pleasantly surprised that the fight was all verbal and beautifully poetic. One of the best climaxes ever in action movies.

Anonymous said...

"Crazy 1" - hi, kiddo here. could you please reveal ur identity to me?

Mahesh - i am not sure if i might like all of QT's movie - but Kill Bill is certainly a special movie.

Ranga - yeah - true i jus love the way bill speaks to beatrix kiddo. and simply the best climax of the action adventures i have seen.

Anush - sorry i ll not be able send the songs. i have the collection @ home. it takes a long time to upload.


shantanu said...

yaar itne din ho gaye..ab to naya post likho...pls am waiting..:)

Anonymous said...

certainly - will post the one that i wrote on the 12th feb - in a few days - right now it is in chidambaram yaar. will get it tomorrow. and post it soon - nice to hear that somebody is actually waiting to read my posts!!! ;-)


Rama The Drama said...

Another QT fan...kool!I think you better post the entire script bcoz every scene is worth its salt in KB2.Can't say the same about KB1 bcoz of the gross-out factor inspite of the tributes.Although the climax was poignantly done..i still wud have luved to see Bill and Bride go at each other under the setting sun by the beachside. Check out 'Eternal Sunshine On the Spotless Mind' if you haven't already.Another Great Script by Charlie Kaufmann and it is a shame they didn't nominate it for Best original Screenplay.

reNUka said...

hi Ramchi - thanks for visiting!!! I am not sure if i am a QT fan - cos the only films that i ve seen are the kill bill series - havent seen others - i wud say KB2 climax is one of the best anit-climaxes i have ever seen!!! sure i will chk out the script that u have mentioned here.

Muthu said...

//I consider the title of this blog as one of the most intellectual creations of this blogger//

I think this is first time for me here.i absolutely agree with you about the above words you said ;~).

reNUka said...

Thanks for visiting muthu!!! :-) But I wud like to know why u have agreed with my words?

Muthu said...

Was just meant the title of this blog is one of the most intellectual creations of this blogger.Thats all :))

Vaibhav said...

Just checking.Read my "Kissay" @

Anonymous said...

adoroo o filme kill bill também
principalmente o 2
os dialagos
as lutas
tudo muito bom!
bjos ;**

wendell ( sou do brasil ) said...

sou do brasil ;)))))

reNUka said...

alrite muthu!!! no more questions asked... :-)

vaibhav - yeah - jus visited ur blog - will visit them... :-)

wendell, boa vinda!!!

i had to use google translation services to understand what u had written...

this is what it had to say,

++eu tive que usar serviços de tradução do google compreender o que u tinha escrito...++

++este é o que teve que dizer,++

++olá I also adore the film kill bill mainly the 2 dialagos the fights everything very good! bjos; * *++

'sou do brasil' ->
++I am of Brazil;)))))++

yeah - true - very true...
i visited ur fotologs:

nice collection...

++muito verdadeiro yeah verdadeiro...++

++eu visitei o seu

++coleção agradável...++