Friday, February 18, 2005

Morning (C)Rush

I saw a red shoe-flower on the tar road,
the Latin name of a flower that still stays in my mind.

So bloomed and full of life
And so striking the contrast was
that such a beautiful sight it was.

If the road was a living thing
it would feel as we would,
when we hold a newborn in our arms.

But within nanoseconds my thoughts withered
I knew it was in danger.

It didn’t know where to go.
In its undefined path, it was all astray.

I neither had the time nor thought
to save it.

This time, within even lesser than a nanosecond
A truck came rushing in.

It crushed the flower
Under its rugged black tyre.

Now all I see is a crumpled object
Like the one that has been thrown from a frustrated poet.


Sriram said...

hey..nice one....!
but now a days even poets are using more heaps of crumpled papers... :)

reNUka said...

thanks for the comment sriram!! well the actual thing that came to my mind was a scene from any movie where a lover tries to draft a letter to his beloved and struggling to get the right words. anyway as u said nowadays emails rule.

Krish said...

i am unable to post a comment on ur blog...but to say bout the
poem.....excellent...i have felt this some times, when u come along
the cit colony into the anna saalai, where there are lots of this
Yellow flowering trees n the flowers would all b scattered in the
road....even i have run my bike over them n each time i do it, i would
have some feeling....i couldnt explain it...but u have tried to do
it...n it has come out well.

Krish said...

ohh...sorry this is the same text, that i mailed u...i didnt correct t' iam able to comment on ur blog...ofcourse now u know that...sorry

REFLEX said...

I think we all hav a "crush" on flowers, so we feel so sad when it is crushed.

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Hi, i did see ur comment on my post titled "beautiful minds". Thanks!
And yeah,
when i read this poem of urs, I just couldn't help linking it to a deeper meaning..the duality that exists in this world, in many forms - the rich and the poor, the mighty and the weak, to quote a few. Nice one!

Anonymous said...

'If the road was a living thing
it would feel as we would,
when we hold a newborn in our arms.'--nallairuku!!! idhu endha road lae

reNUka said...

Krishna - thanks a lot for ur comment. I haven’t felt the same way for all flowers (maybe didn’t quite register as there wud have been many then) but this one - it hit me quite well and got sequence registered quite well!!!

REFLEX - tht was a cute comment!!! :-) thanks

Hey anu!!! that was a quick response. thanks for visiting - well to tell u the truth, ur deeper meaning kinda went over my heads :-( - either way cool!!!

mahesh - ithu vanthu namba MGR nagar-kku pora road da - to be precise the main road that we have to travel through, when we go to sarasu akka's house.