Friday, February 25, 2005

Radio romance

I was on a public transport
with its radio playing a duo

The bus’ accelerator though,
let me hear only the hero’s solo

Blaring from the road-side radio,
his foray, made him sound like a true hero

The bus’ change in gears,
let me hear his highness’ meek tears

Oh! There is resistance and distance,
Even in radio romance...


shantanu said...

seems like rap to me. so, thinking abt siwtching careers or what ;)

Fayrouz said...

Your post took me back in time when I used to ride the bus to work.

Listening to the radio while the bus drove fast through the city's streets had a magical effect on me.

Krish said...

Go..get an FM Radio...njoy...

reNUka said...

Shantanu - Thanks for ur uncensored comments - i said uncensored bcos i felt bad after readin ur comment - so much for the nice feeling i had, after i wrote this piece - hmm... u called it a rap :'(

Fayrouz - thanks for ur comment - am happy that my post brought back the good memories!!

Krish - yeah - i dont have a mobile one as yet - dont think i ll get one though

non-commentors - ppl...i don't understand the meaning of ur silence - pls provide ur feedback - is this post that bad that u guys dont feel like commenting? - as i mentioned earlier when i had replied to shantanu, i felt really happy after i wrote this...

Baejaar said...

Born to be or Amlagamated with thee?
Prowling in the dark
Snooping and sniffing
Digesting the bits and bytes
Rummaging the intricate network of blogs
For days at an end
Here and there
In yours and others
Yearning for a provoking one
To reveal thy
Until a post like this, flies by.

Baejaar said...

Let me add, please mention under which copyright you are posting this. If you dont, I might use it for my ;-)

I advise you to place it under the CC license.

Dheepak Ra
Hackogger (Non Commentator)

shantanu said...

hey what happened there?? i never wanted to hurt u or anything... i was referring to the "rap" genre of music..u know like eminem, jay-z, nelly etc. and rap isn't bad at all. its loved by millions of ppl the world sorry dear once again..

Vani Viswanathan said...

what a poem out of actually nothing! jus kidding, and sure, it wasn't all that much like rap, though for the rate at which things are going, i'll read your poem aloud, it'll become rap and we'll be rich!! deal?

reNUka said...

Dheepak - Thanks for the wonderful words that you wrote. I shud say i am happy tht u have written a comment that is worth appearing as a post!!
Paavi - naan endha copyright-tum edukkalae (meaning i havent registered under any copyright)....suttudadhae (meaning...dont plagiarise)

Shantanu - nothin happened buddy...i know u didnt mean to - i felt bad bcos i kinda dont like the lyrics that appear in rap. thts ok buddy - thanks all the same!!!! :-)

vani - thanks for ur comment - in fact i was feeling happy for the simple reason that i was able to create one out of such a near-to-nothin theme...all the same i liked the title of the poem a lot!!!
we cud strike a deal, sure... ;-)

Anupama Viswanathan said...

hey liked the last bit..
"There is resistance and distance..
even in radio romance.."

reNUka said...

thanks a lot anu for ur likes!!! :-)