Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A few of my favourites - Not in any order

She is always a woman to me, Billy Joel
Rasputin, Boney M
Have you ever loved a woman, Bryan Adams
Janies Got A Gun, Aerosmith
Hotel California, Eagles
Ironic, Alanis Morissette
Born in the USA, Bruce Springsteen
Smoke On The Water, Deep Purple
Don't Speak, No Doubt
Lemon Tree, Fools Garden
I’d love you to want me, Lobo
Lady in Red, Chris De Burgh
Nothings gonna change my love for you, George Benson
Sweet Child Of Mine, Guns n roses
I cant help falling in love, UB40
Kiss from a rose, Seal
I swear, All 4 one
Janies Got A Gun, Aerosmith
Uptown Girl, Billy Joel
Starry Starry Night, Don Mclean
Leaving on a Jet Plane, John Denver
Que Sera Sera, Doris Day
The Sound of Silence, Simon and Garfunkel
I Just Called To Say I Love U, Stevie Wonder


Eroteme said...

She's always a woman is a wonderful song. Hmmm. Pretty nice collection. Would agree with most (why is Aerosmith there twice? You like that one doubly much?) of your list. Have you heard the following:
1. Annie's song and Daydream (John Denver)
2. Animal Instinct (Cranberries)
3. When you say nothing at all (Ronan Keaton)
4. American Pie (and the story associated with it)
5. Winds of Change (Scorpions)
6. Cocaine, Tears in Heaven and Its probably me(Clapton)
7. Tequila Sunrise and Another song which I am not able to recollect (Eagles)
8. Come undone
9. Desert Rose
Seemed to follow the same beat as your list...
And I say again, nice collection...

Baejaar said...

A good collection of songs. But check out the following two...

Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman - Something Stupid
Billy Joel - We Did'nt Start The Fire

- Dheepak Ra

Krish said...

Five of mine are there.....others....well....not that much as to say my favourites...

Eroteme said...

Got it!!
The Eagles number is "Love will keep us alive"
I woke up with that song running in my head.... (sorry for taking another comment space for this). We didn't start the fire is a brilliant number too (but does it fall in place with the shades of your collection? Not sure...).

Eroteme said...

I am back. Really sorry, Renuka. I thought this is a better place to place this than anywhere else (well, you can't click on graffiti!)
Check out this page:

It will take time to load...

shantanu said...

lot of my favs there in ur list...
especially janies got a girl. i just love aerosmith stuff.
also try out GNR. real love ballads in metal form..:)

Prabha said...

Dont speak by No doubt is my fav too..!!!
few more..
Layla -Eric clapton
every breath u take,
Always by bon jovi
Only time by Enya(this is a real good one)

reNUka said...

Eroteme - oops!!! sorry abt that repeat in Janies gotta gun...:-)
in the list that u have mentioned i have heard: When you say nothin at all, American pie, Cocaine, Come undone, Desert rose. Will definitely listen to the others - i do have those that u have mentioned.

Dheepak, Thanks alot for ur comments - have listened to We didnt start the fire - good song!! chk out the link that eroteme has pasted here.

Krish - thanks for ur comments :-) do listen to the others - they are jus too good!!!

Eroteme - havent heard 'Love will keep us alive' thot ur were referring to Take it easy of Eagles.

and hey...thanks for the 'We didnt start the fire' really nice - not sure how this is done - really cool!!!

Shantanu - thanks for ur comments - yeah Janies gotta gun is a really cool song - and a like a few of guns n roses - will chk out their love ballads.. :-)

Prabha - thanks for ur comments - dont speak is jus amazing - will listen to the others too...:-)

Meera said...

Renuka - Nice list. We have a lot in common! :-)

1) Peaceful Easy Feeling, Love will keep us alive, Tequila Sunrise - Eagles
2) Annie's Song, Country Roads - John Denver
3) Honesty - Billy Joel
4) Torn - Natalie Imbruglia
5) Animal Instinct - The Cranberries
6) Come Undone - Duran Duran
7) Scarborough Fair - S & G
8) WHen you say nothing at all - Alison Krauss
9) Sharing the night together - Dr. Hook
10) Layla, Change the World - Eric Clapton
11) 3x5, Come back to bed, Something's Missing - John Mayer
12) Sweet Home Alabama - Lynard Skynard
14) Fields of Gold, Every breath u take - Sting
15) Romeo & Juliet - Dire Straits

Hey I know this is not a forum to publish my list (in no particular order) But forgive me. I got carried away.

Btw, Eroteme looks like our playlists have a lot in common :-)

Saranya Kishore said...

Hey Renuka,
Interesting list! :)
Now I know who to ask for a good English Song reco huh??

Eroteme said...

Renuka, you're welcome for the link. They used Flash to create that. Good effect, nah?

Please don't apologise. I was merely bringing it to your notice in case you wanted to change it. You must have noticed that upmteen times on nous-reigns posts.

Speaking of whom, Meera, we do have a lot in common (and I am referring to the song list), esp. when you pick all of them from my list and add 1 or 2 to make it look originally yours!!! ;-)
Renuka, Every breath you take is nice (and I am still referring to the song on the list).

The Last Blogger said...

I gotta say this and hope you dont consider me a chauvinist for doing so. I could have looked at your list and guess it was a girls list :)
But a nice pick of songs for a romantic evening.

If you are a person who likes songs like above, try Marvin Gaye. Id also recommend Muddy Waters, if you can get your hands on an album that is.
Enjoy :)

reNUka said...

heyyyyy meera - thanks for the list and the comment!!! :-)

SK - thanks a lot for the comments!! yeah, sure now u know whom to ask for the same!!! :-)

Eroteme - yeah - too good...(i am referring to the the link) i didnt make the corrections, bcos ur comment might look out of sorts! ;-) --You must have noticed that upmteen times on nous-reigns posts.-- no comments :-)

ranga aka the last blogger - in fact the subject of this post was originally 'how is it always that i sing a ballad always directed towards women' - and then i discovered that it is always the guys who manage to get into ful stream musical career and write something along these lines...

saranyan said...

I'm poor in this category :)

these days I listen only hip-hop - sung by brothers :)

reNUka said...

hey saranyan!!! nothin great abt these genre of music - in fact i started listenin to english music from my 11th std when FM was introduced - and there used to be this 7-9 metro music

in fact u can start with the list that myself and commentors have posted - this list has songs that everybody wud like right from the very first time they listen to it -

of course - a bit of interest and patience is necessary - thts jus abt it :-)

The Last Blogger said...

Hiphop rules player. It just rocks. Its on my programmed stations all the time and I dig em big time.

Eroteme said...

Saranyan, my 2 pence worth. As Renuka opines, this blog and its comments could serve as a good starting point, but before that you need to figure out what kinda music you dig. What do you listen to currently? Ballads? Beaty numbers? Duppankuththu? Classical? Ones with good lyrics? Ones with nice music? Based on that, choose the genre (actually you already would have) amongst Western music.
Ballads: When you say nothing at all, Only time, I will always love you, etc.
Beaty numbers: Animal Instinct, Walk like an Egyptian (old), etc.
Dappankuththu: Powerless, Wasn't me
Classical: I would recommend instrumental here but lets place some country numbers here: Annie's song, Country roads
Ones with good lyrics: Don't speak, And I'll be there, Leaving on a jetplane, American Pie
Ones with nice music: Hotel California, Winds of Change, Nightingale (Yanni)

Now ain't that more than 2 pence?

Jyotsna said...

hey renuka,all my favorites too..there is another one i like a lot --by Phil Collins--groovy kind of love"..

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Aah..thatz an almost romantic list..;))..Nice coincidence in our posts..:)
Ok am not too familiar with Eng songs..but I do have few of my personal favourites here...hmm..let me see..
one, Lady in red, two, nothing's gonna change my love for you, three, have u ever loved a woman? (Brilliant lyrics)..and yes, the list is getting longer..!

reNUka said...

Eroteme - certainly!!!! thts more than 2 pence :-)

jo - yeah am listening to it right now...thanks!!! :-)

hey anu!!! yeah - nice coincidence! all i have listed here are in fact jus a few... lots more - anyway thanks for the comments :-)

REFLEX said...

Ivangallam yaaru, kannai katti kattula vitta madhiri irukku....Yaaravadhu kapathunga....

reNUka said...

hey reflex - my immediate thot was, 'reflex is being true to his name.' - i meant ur reaction - anyway, there is nothin much to it - i was like this a few years ago - but thn, today i wud say it a few of those nice things that has happened to me - listening to western music...

Sudarshan said...

Came here from Saranyan's blog.... thatz quite a list but mine would have a lot more aerosmith, Pink Floyd, Def Leppard and U2.

reNUka said...

Thanks sudarshan for the visit and the comment. Of aerosmith, i like Janies gotta gun, I dont wanna miss a thing. Of Pink Floyd, i like We dont need ur education. Of Def Leppard, i like Pour Some Sugar On Me, Let's Get Rocked, Make Love Like A Man, When Love And Hate Collide. :-)

shantanu said...

hey renuka, nayi post ka time ho gaya hai...:)

Srini said...

Hi Renuka,
Came here after a long time.Just got to know that you are Meera's and Eroteme's good friend :) Hope to join that list now ! Thanks for linking me (U r sweet) and let me reciprocate now :)


Srini said...

And ya, I changed my blog URL to http://matchlessgifts.blogspot.com :) Can u update ur links in the sidebar? Thanks

reNUka said...

Shantanu - Thanks for the reminder!!! ;-) I shud say i shook my laziness updated the blog bcos of ur comment...

srini - Thnks for the visit, the reminder and the name change of ur blog URL. have updated the link. :-)