Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Theories and Proofs

Having understood the theory behind the energy consumptions, I switched off all the electrical devices at my home, then switched on each of the same, one by one, to check at what rate the energy meter runs.

Having understood the theory behind surface tension, I related it to events that happened in the next few seconds the soap-foam fell on a wet floor.

Having learnt the ‘light travels faster than sound’ theory, I tried to tie a relation between every lightening stroke to the delayed sounds of every thunder.

After having learnt a few root words, I successfully crack the meaning of a word.

Speaking of cracking the meaning of words using etymology, I would like to share this…
Etymology could be really interesting. A few examples actually made me fall in love with etymology. One such is what I have tried to explain here.

Origin of the word ‘Deliver’
For example deliver is actually de + liver. De can be used either as a prefix that acts as an opposite or as an intensifier. Liver has its origin from liber (yeah! the same as that of liberate). So, de is an intensifier here and liver (from liber) means to grant freedom to. Hence the word deliver per se means to release.

That is why in cricket every ball bowled in an over is called delivery.

Giving below are a few of my theories and proofs.

Chicks (I mean chickens) have the worst road sense.
I have been having slowing down my bike drastically and sometimes even stopping it, every time chicks (I still mean chickens ;-)) try to get to the other side of the road.

*tongue in cheek remark* ‘The above words could be interpreted in a different way by a few others. I would like to mention that I had altruistic intentions when I originally thought of it. But then, I couldn’t stop a double entendre in the making.’

Most of the human beings have good music sense.
I have been hearing Beethoven’s ‘Fur Elise’ in almost all the trucks inching in the reverse gear.

This doesn’t fit under the title of the post, but this was the first sentence that I wrote when I was thinking about my next post. So, I thought I should it give the ‘prime salutes’ (mudhal mariyadhai)

Have a sense of satisfaction after I successfully synchronize the song that plays from a public broadcast with that of the one in the play list stored on my computer.


Krish said...

We both share this thing to stop for the chicks to cross the road..though I would stop even after they have crossed the road...also, I too think chicks have the worst possible road sense...I mean the Chicks(as in Chickens)...U know I really do...don't you???..

sensiblystoned said...

There are two surmises I make from your post, you really enjoyed your science classes and Norman Lewis' book on etymology :)) Either way, I like your sense of humor, especially the previous post. Keep blogging

JaganLee said...

DOGS have the worst road sense.. and worst thing it didnt give me a chance to just went under my wheels turning me upside down.

reNUka said...
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reNUka said...

krish - u neednt have been so deliberate buddy!!! ;-)

sensiblystoned - thanks for ur comments!!! :-)

yeah, i really did njoy physics. it was one subject where i cud actually apply what was there in the text using simple things around me.

wrt 'deliver' - this is particular word is not in Norman Lewis - i have or atleast had the habit of browsing the dictionary, i had noticed this then. But yeah, u r right. i did njoi reading Norman Lewis!!! :-)

i think my writing has more and more of sarcasm rather than humour...

jagan - tht should have been a really really bad experience for both!!! ;-)

Baejaar said...

To admit frankly in my school & college days, the knowledge & understanding was always inversely proportional to the marks scored in those subjects.

Renuka, if you understand something, I hope you understand that it is obvious. ;-)

The rest of the non-obvious theorems are finite, where finite is infinitely large. Well to prove this theorem... umm... you'll have to believe ME. It's called "proof by intimidation".

Renuka, havent u been taught as a kid that we are supposed to help others. How can you expect me to leave a chick to cross the road on their own? That too with people like you zooming around in two wheelers, chennai roads are no longer safe. So let me help them cross the road. And may be even conduct weekend classes to teach them as to how to cross the road. U can refer those chicks to me. Nope the training is free. Social service - u c...........

Jokes apart, Etymology was interesting. Its interesting as to how we give cold shoulder to most words.

"Names, once they are in common use, quickly become mere sounds, their etymology being buried, like so many of the earth's marvels, beneath the dust of habit." - Salman Rushdie

P.S: Some of the lines are modified version of some old quotes. Sorry but I dont have the details to acknowledge the source.

saranyan said...

haha, good one.

reNUka said...

Thnks dheepak - for ur *phew...* comments!!! ;-)

saranyan - :-)

shantanu said...

guess u r doing a lot of study these days and here i am wasting away my time not doing anything worthwhile...

reNUka said...

Hey Shantanu,
Thanks for the comment man!! its been a long time since i visited ur blog (anybody's for that matter) - anyway, will do it soon.