Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Translation of Kaatril Enthan Geetham from Johnny

The Pensive Song

My song in the wind searches for the invisible,
with my memories alike the swaying waves,
and the evening wind as chilly as never!

There is this teasing merriment all around,
and the words inside me searches for its music.
Won't it not find the loving heart?
Won't it not sing the song of joy?

The forlorn eyes escalate the heart's yearning.

It is just fine if my heart listens, 
if I ask it to stop, and just enough 
if the tormenting waves in it cease to arise...
Won't it hear the melody in stillness?
Won't it stitch up a rhythm from silence?

My soul would seek yours until its time of life.


Ajeesh Sivadas said...

An old hit song, I got the video from you tube. And please translate 'Maatraan' songs. Audio release 9th Aug. . . .waitining. . .thanku.

reNUka said...

Thanks Ajeesh! :-) Will try...

Ajeesh Sivadas said...

Thanku Maam, I might get the translation from the web. But after seeing ur blog, I got the 'level' of translation. I have seen 'Kadhal Vaithu' from anthr site. But your job was great and awesome to Me!! You are using the 'fit&exploring' words like, mirth, enrapturing, entwine, quintessence, epitome ..adds the beauty, dats great and can't see anywhere. I am a malayali, so dnt know Tamil well. But love Tamil music!! So You are giving favour to Us by ur translation. Thanku maam.

Balaji said...

Well done! :-)

reNUka said...

Thanks for the b-i-g comment Ajeesh! :-)

@Balaji - Thanks! :-)