Friday, November 03, 2006

Why and how does it happen?

Yet again, the magician has done it, weaving spells in the air. And I realise and appreciate it pretty late. Usually, it is me who treasures and welcomes the brilliance of the outcome. This time it is late realisation.

My question is which ear do I listen to... the voice and the music from the instruments complement as well as compete with each other. It is streamlined and simple music, without complications and apparent innovations. Also, there is certainly the brilliance and the spontaneity of an impromptu performance.

Shreya, the wonder, (her voice) is just awesome! I wonder how a person, without understanding the language can sing as if she is living the situation of the lyrics. Just too good!! And of all she emotes really well. Be it while beseeching or while asking questions earnestly.

It is an agreed fact that each language has its own intonation with regard to questions. Though those are apparent, sometimes, there are certain subtleties that expose the nativity of a singer. But, Shreya cruises through and lands the questions in the song with such poise like a light tiny feather in the air.

Except of course for some places that you might get confused with her tongue’s nativity where she pronounces 'oone vaa' very lazily, where it sounds like 'oade vaa'. Agreed that with certain words, sometimes, even the best of the breed native vocalists sound like they have not paid attention to the pronunciation. Let me not ask for too much...

In the latter half of the song, Rehman amazes me when each time there is a brief 'yes' in the form of a 'hum' from the chorus for the questions that Naresh and Shreya ask in the song. As if to bring an effect that an angel above is listening to Naresh and Shreya’s plans. Where exactly does this occur? It happens in the middle of the third minute of the song when Naresh starts off with

'Nilavidam vaadagai vaangi...,
vizhi veetinil kudi vaikkalaama?
Naam vaazhum veettukkul vaeraarum vandhalae, thaguma…?

The chorus when I first listened somehow sounded unwanted with the Hindi word 'rangoli' in such a beautiful and lyrically strong melody. But then the contrast only adds to the beauty of the song as you hear it on and on.
As to the orchestra, the Santoor bit in the beginning and the middle of the song gives a good beginning and a relaxing break from the breathtaking melody. The violin in the beginning adds momentum to the cheerful but melodious start. But except for the violin that plays alongside the vocal that sometimes goes overboard. And, Rehman somehow seems to be obsessed with the instrument thavil; even in this song (in comparison to Mayiliragae of Aah aah), he has tried to position the instrument amidst and along with the thumping western artificial beats. It has blended well.
Great song!

If you've still not figured out which song I am referring to, it is 'Munbe vaa, en anbae vaa...' from the movie 'Sillunu Oru Kaadhal'. Music by our very own, milord, Rehman.


saravanan said...

yeah the song was really good with a.r.r rocking again...but still my favorite was new york nagaram, mainly for the lyrics and arr singing a tamil song after a longggggg time :)

reNUka said...

Hi man!! yeah, the song new york is undoubtedly excellent. but this song falls under the category of songs that captivate u for various collective reasons... :-)

Saravanan said...

I guess it is very simple, gals like munbe vaa song and guys like new york nagaram :D

Prabha said...

hmm yea..lovely melody!shreya's voice is really soothing

new york nagaram is another good one from the same movie..

reNUka said...

hi saravanan!! yeah, i guess so... :-)

Hey prabha!!!! welcome, welcome! long time no see... :-)

Anonymous said...

What a coinci. Recently I hav an article about the same as "My Recenbt Addiction".
Great music and Lyric.

reNUka said...

hi reflex!! welcome home after a long time! :-)
yes. AR is amazing!