Thursday, June 04, 2009

Translation of Unnarugil Varugayil from Kalloori

You enthrall me with your presence,
You are the reason, my sweetheart...
that I am always at loss.

Ecstasy seeps into me,
And I feel I am on the brink of fame
Just when I hear your name.
My shadow departs me to joins yours;
I defy myself and I get reckless.
I briefly assay,
and my heart has nothing to say.

Though I succeed in staying faraway
from the thought of your eyes,
your heart conquers mine, and
I don't have the heart to resist.
I tell myself a million times
to deviate from the path of yours;
I deviate and yet you reach me!
Now, I can do nothing but to stop.

My soul, my persona, my ego
all seem to take a new form.
My friends speak, though,
my ears refuse to fall by the norm.

Make me understand...
Is this how love deals with agonies?
or are these consequences of my desire?

How I wish to experience with you
all my life's pain and joy again?
While I pine for you relentlessly
time slaves me and burns me into ashes,
through every second that it is with me.

I wish to speak a million words
right into your eyes,
I wish to grasp all the flowers
that blossom in my dreams,
I wish to find the abode of God
and decipher the mystery of love,
I wish to break my heart's shackles
and the need to conduct my senses...
All but in vain!

I seem to gallivant
in your eye's direction,
and wait forever, with all my faith
for your gaze to set onto my eyes.
You trouble me
like a lie locked in my heart,
Albeit, I still try to hide you
and yet, my eyes let me down...


AMIT said...

Very good written by you.

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Anupama said...

Amazing read di :-)

arif ansari said...

Even I have read more than 3 times but still I feel that I don't grasp the meaning, It is very deep

reNUka said...

Amit, Anu, and Arif-- I am really not sure how i missed to acknowledge and reply to your comments! Sorry! Thanks for the comments! :-)