Monday, July 12, 2010


I am now,
A betrayer of the past
that I ought to be faithful to
A slave of the misgiving present.

Because, eventhough
we are so-close-yet-so-far
in this 'the longest period'
that we have lived together
after nearly a decade of solitude,

conversations between me and you
is a festering wound...
My words, the oozing pus,
an outcome of the tussle, between
our forgotten past
the unforgiving present.

And often and everytime,
I wish I could be sweeter to you
overlooking your inabilities
to foster the beautiful kinship
that is now an almost was...


MotoRama said...

Grief should be brief
So you can swim in possible
Future Reef!

Hope you feel better after getting it out in words!

reNUka said...

Yes... Like time, even words heal. :-) Thanks for your hope!