Friday, January 28, 2011

Mazhai Varum... from Veppam - My rendition / translation

My eyes see the harbinger of rains,
but my heart seems to be drenching,
is this love or loss?
As I see the times of our togetherness unfurl before me,
I seem to be losing grip of the ground under me,
why is this so?

My eyes that brighten as I lean on your shoulders,
now look forlorn, looking for you.
The flowers that bloom by our path,
now look dismayed, waiting for your arrival.

The seed of our juvenile love
now has grown full-blown, all by itself
And, when at the bloom of a new flower,
I wonder who has plucked it.

I came by, tracing your footsteps,
Now I seem to have lost it and heading nowhere...

I had asked for beautiful times,
and someone just blessed me with tears in my eyes.
I had asked for the magical rainbows,
and someone just blessed my journey with sorrows.

This love is excruciating,
it burns me down together with my soul.


Anonymous said...

Hi Renuka,
Good entry, keep up the good work, your rendition of Mazhai varum is perfect!

reNUka said...

Hi Ashwin,
Thanks for your comments! :-) That is really encouraging!!