Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Translation of Un Perai Sonnale from Dum Dum Dum

What is in Name?

All I say is your name, and sweetness takes over me.
Please do not depart me.
All I do is walk with you, and new blooms brim my path.
Would you not go with me?

Countless thoughts of you lurk in my mind,
ready and waiting to devour my life.

I shatter down, fleck by fleck, on the floor.
Oh dear, where are you?

I forget the consonants and the alphabets too.
And sooner, I turn dumb.

Like the child that is aware but yet teases the fire,
I hark back to think of you...
And the pain creeps through.

I tremble like the base and throb like a drum.

How can life and flesh be apart?

Is this fate or a way out?
Why throw thunder on a plant?
Don’t go away. Don’t go away…

My love!
Do you say this is not the reality, or that you do not remember?
Would you say who you are—my friend forever, or just a passer?
Utter the answer, my sweeter part.

Oh sanguine sun!
Why do you torment the moon?
Won't you tell me all your pain?
Why did you stir a storm, inside this red screw pine?
Won’t you tell me, oh divine?

Disclaimer: I hope that except for ‘I tremble like the base and throb like a drum,’ I have done justice to the rest of the words. If not, do let me know!
I am yet again on translations... This time it is my long-lost love—‘Un Perai Sonnale’ from ‘Dumm Dumm Dumm’. I wonder why and how I had missed this beautiful song? And even more of a wonder is why and how Karthik Raja has been missing his trains so much after such beauties in the movie. A real sparkle, this one and the song ‘Ragasiyamai’ is! And of course, both Sadhana Sargam and Unnikrishnan's parts and versions (in the same song) are on par and brimming with the right emotions. My only complaint is that, in the movie, the song is not visually complete. If it were, then I am sure we would at least get to see the song more often on air.

More wonderings…
Like asking ‘How can life and flesh be apart,’ I think I must also ask ‘How can music and words be apart?’
My love and thirst for the song was quenched when I was able to translate the words; but what do I do to the music. Alas, I cannot translate or render it!


Balaji Srinivasan said...

Good song and you have done justice to it.

Like the child that is aware but yet teases the fire,
I hark back to think of you...
And the pain creeps through.

Beautiful. :)

reNUka said...

Thanks! :-)

Subbiah said...

Nice work and nice comments abt KRaja! I too like few good tunes of him This song i consider best of him! congrats to you

reNUka said...

Thanks Subbiah! :-) That is very encouraging! Yes all songs of Ullaasam and Dum Dum Dum and a few more.

Jayanthy said...

A very nice song and one of my favorites. I was looking for translation to update it in my blog with video. Now this is so beautiful that I would just provide a link to your blog in mine! :)

reNUka said...

Thanks for your words, Jayanthy! Glad to know you like the song too. :-)

Nagalakshmi V S said...

very very nice song .
searching for full song.yesterrday only i got .
but listened up to 50 times till now

Raj said...

For the last 3 years, I have read your translation of the song while listening to it a million times :). Thanks for a job well done.

reNUka said...

Thanks Raj! :-)

Krsna said...
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Unknown said...

can you please translate the Ragasiyamai lyrics to english??
Please i really love this song but didnt find the translation of the lyrics..

reNUka said...

Hi Unknown, I have been thinking about this on and off. I will add this as the next in my list, after En Nanbane from Mangatha.