Friday, April 27, 2012

I hope you learn

To reach home safely
even if 
you go behind butterflies,
chasing them with glee
and excitement.

To not fret and just think
even if
you have missed 
your one footwear
in the middle of a busy road.

To rise up from the earth
using your own hands, 
I may not be around every time,
to lift you.

To deal with annoyances
with a cool head
you would only then find
which ones last or die,
and to put them to rest.

To find joyous playmates
play is knowledge 
camouflaged as fun,
and teaches sustenance
and selflessness.

To not sulk over trifles 
brooding is contagious 
but, experience 
can make a mountain 
out of a molehill.

To find solace in music
even if
you are hard of hearing
others and self,
because it anoints, 
soothes and heals.

To get to know books
because, even if 
you do not earn yourself much,
and when your friends 
are out of reach,

Books are precious assets,
And they make good friends.


Balaji Srinivasan said...

Beautiful. Written for Ash?

reNUka said...

Yes... :-)