Sunday, October 14, 2012


Not much, there are just three problems with calories:
  • our spend potential: the cost of acquisition is cheaper than the cost of disposition.
  • our state of mind: you hardly need any mind control to accumulate it than that you would need to dispose it.
  • our time management capabilities: you can access it is quicker than you can expend it.

Of course, the key to disposing the calories lies in the same three factors... like how we do not accumulate calories overnight, disposing it must also be incremental—minute by minute, and with a lots of mind control. And if we are poor enough only to buy incremental calories, and not rich enough to find means to dispose it, I think we must also realize how much we are spending on junk! I guess I must try to deposit an equivalent incremental amount somewhere in a savings which when accumulates large enough would let me buy an equipment of my choice. 

Coming to talk of buying an equipment, with all the search and research that I have done so far, the only conclusion that I could come to was, to get a quality equipment that would give us the satisfaction when we get out of it and the urge to get on to it every day, it would cost nothing less than 50K INR.

Thinking about the realization part, I am sure I would have spent more than 50K INR in eating out in the last 10 years. Hmm... Some food for thought!


Anonymous said...

Hehe, totally agree with the three points. But then again, my metabolism works in mysterious ways. I was overweight a few weeks ago and the best I could do was lie down and sulk and eat my worry away, one cheese pizza at a time. :P Lo and behold, I am back in shape. :-D

P.S: For some reasons I was reminded of a Garfield's quote. "I am not overweight. I am undertall" :P


reNUka said...

good for you the way it is! :-) nice quote - but then just imagine, how it would look if you were to remove the 'not' and add an 'and' in between those sentences! lol! :)