Friday, January 01, 2016

Emotion and Writing

At times, there are changes that warn you, worry you, and overwhelm you. And by the time it is all finished, you feel so spent. And then there are changes that are so subtle that you realize that things have changed only after everything is over.

The way things change in one’s life without any notice is such a mystery. And either ways, you are so disturbed that you become so sleepless by the event. And either ways, when you expel the emotion by writing, it certainly does a lot of good. It is better that way, because you become a much more composed person having tamed the beast called emotion.

You can pour it out on someone; but then, how much ever you talk about it, the intensity just does not abate, and at times, it grows on you and batters you.

Writing certainly tames your mind. As you spend time on writing, you get to take control of the situation and drive the outcome, rather than being a victim of the outcome.

So, w r i t e!


Sunil Mandava said...

Writing certainly gives me some confidence, apart from taming my mind, it makes me feel happy, and when that is appreciated by few in my close circle, it lifts my spirit and confidence, there is indeed an emotional ride in writing.

I wrote lot of things in my life at least once like.

Poetry, Prose, short stories, one liners, copy writing for visual ads, product descriptions, mails and letters on various occasions, good jokes, bad jokes.

Yet as of today, I never wrote anything in dairy or documented any life event in dairy, can you guess why? :-)

reNUka said...

Hi Sunil... Thanks for visiting my blog! Good to see that you are avid writer. And no, I am not going to answer your question. :-)