Monday, June 27, 2005

am grateful to

the contrast-colored space around a literal,
the silence that lets me hear the spelt out words,
the darkness when i am asleep,
the void that engulfs my mind,
the discomfort in certain relationships,
the coldness in a relationship,
the restlessness of my mind and,

my shortcomings.


Meera said...

Hmm.. and I wonder why!

S m i t h a said...

Ah! the prodigal returns :P
loved the first two line...wonderful!

reNUka said...

meera, so that it makes me realise and appreciate the existence of the common things that i fail to recognise in my day to day life. we hardly acknowledge the presence of the shade until we realise the heat of the sun.

reNUka said...

s m i t h a - thanks :-)
prodigal!!! in wht sense sir? ;-)

S m i t h a said...

ok, let me enlighten u...
in blogging standards, if one is absent for more than 10 days, then one can be called `prodigal` or `poda girl` :P

Prabha said...

Finally u posted!:)
s m i t h a,

reNUka said...

s m i t h a - ada paavi!! :-)

prabha - yes ma'am!! over nakkalu! iru iru... just u wait :-(

detracked said...

Good stuff, man. Write more.

reNUka said...

@Detracked, Missed to respond to your comment. Thanks!