Sunday, July 03, 2005


An analogy is poetic; a comparison prosaic.

A kid toying with a trick it recently learnt to play

Newlywed Couples
Fresh toothpaste and a new toothbrush

Parents, Kids and Identity
Flower that bears fruit

Wrongly crossed cross-legged posture

Sea, Surfers, and Surfboards
City Roads, Adults, and Bus Footboard

Advice, Acceptance and Results
A Good Pen, Willingness to Write and a Beautiful Handwriting

Mind and Tempered Mind
Sour Curd and Sweet Buttermilk

Fate and Premonition
A Mortuary van following an Ambulance rushing to the hospital


REFLEX said...

azhaga ezhudhi irukkeenga. Nall think panniyum irukeenga. Own aa illa ???. ayooo, thitta dheenga.

reNUka said...

welcome home reflex!! (after such a long time) :-) hope u r doin fine.

thaank koo thaank koo!! :D yes. naanae sonthama yosichadhu thaan!! :-)

S m i t h a said...


Lone Warrior said...

"Newlywed Couples -
Fresh toothpaste and a new toothbrush" that was funny!

reNUka said...

s m i t h a - tx! (jus thot i'll make my comment stand as a match to the length of ur comment - but i jus cudnt help thinking (writing) aloud and spoiling the sport ;-))

lw - thanks! nice to see that u find it funny, though i seriously thot abt it!! ;-)

sensiblystoned said...

Nice. The first three analogies hold a very subtle meaning to some serious thoughts. Well done.

wookie said...

nods to SS's views.good ones-enjoyed the first three.

reNUka said...

ss and wookie - Thanks! :-)