Monday, September 05, 2005

Monday Morning...

5.50 a.m., Monday morning.

6.50 a.m., a bang on the shin, wrinkles on the face, clenching of the teeth.

7.20 a.m., arriving at the bus stop--early by ten minutes, encore 1984, a lass lunging and falling on her face on the road--out of weakness, lifting her by her arm, settling her.

My bus arrives and is waiting for me to get in, a feeling of helplessness, getting into the bus, she falls off to the floor again.

‘It’s Ok. Just Shut It Out!!’, says my mind.

And am off to "doublespeak" and "thoughtcrime".


sensiblystoned said...

Your monday morning cycle of emotions???

reNUka said...

hey ss!!! :-) well, not the usual one though, this happened day before yesterday!

Krish said...

I got the entire meaning, only afer you had explained it in detail!...So lucid!..keep it up:P

reNUka said...

you are not alone, krishna!! i had to 'explain' it to most of them :D
i am very proud of myself for this work of mine!!! (with a pat on my back) :-)