Friday, August 26, 2005

(Blue) Black Magic

i was looking at a blue-black thick blanket,
trimmed at the edges and curved like tree-tops,
pinned up to a light-blue display board.

and just when I took my eyes off,
flickers of pinkish white light
shimmered from the thick of the blanket
and showed me a few more hidden tree-tops.

soon, revelation came along;
they were the potential rain-bearing clouds,
waiting for the wind to unfurl its flourishes!


S m i t h a said...

revelation indeed!

Anonymous said...

vellialae thoonganiyaakum!!!?
p.s.: you have fallen in an irrevocable love with words !!!

reNUka said...

hi s m i t h a! :-)
whts that (y)?

oi mahesh! ada paavi!! naan bus-la guindy pakkama poikittirundhaena..., appo skies-la eppadi thaan irnudhudhu da!! :-)
and thanks for the postscript mahesh :D u made my day!! :-)

Keshav said...

(y) is an msn emoticon for thumbs up :).

wookie said...

I liked your comments to your bro :)

reNUka said...

keshav!!! - the same keshav who i know?
and yeah, thanks for the explanation!! :-)

wookie! glad u liked them!! :-)

Keshav said...

yes u know me..not sure if u remember me...message me on yahoo if u remember ;-)

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