Friday, August 05, 2005

isn't it paradoxical?

isn't it paradoxical,


the clock's hands have to go on in circles,
for me to move ahead;

i have to smelt ore,
for iron to be robust;

i have to pluck the taut guitar strings
to relieve me of my tautness;

i have to dichotomize something
to identify the beautiful symmetry in it;

i have to imprison air,
for a balloon to soar high with freedom;

i have to bury a seed alive,
for a plant to come to life?


Slice Of Life said...

good one
passing by

reNUka said...

thank you, uma! :-)

REFLEX said...

I see some philosophy than paradox in this :).

Anonymous said...

hey cool !!!

reNUka said...

hi reflex! yeah, thts the intention :-)

mahesh - thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

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Anupama Viswanathan said...

Interesting thoughts..and like Reflex said, there is great philosophy behind it as well!

Meera said...

Splendid - Loved the first one!

S m i t h a said...

Beautiful...last one was just too good!

reNUka said...

hi anu, thanks! i guess the attribute jus clings on to me... :-) i jus cant help gettin philosophical... at times ;-)

meera - am glad u liked it! :-)

s m i t h a - thanks! :-)

Vijay said...

Hey, that was a good one :)

alphite said...

Kick and start a vehicle for us to move forward....hahahahahah

wookie said...

good here after a long time.enjoyed the read :)

reNUka said...

hi vijay! thanks a lot :-) ur profile picture really looks funny--jus cudnt restrict keeping the thot to myself :D

alphite - welcome home! nice to see u r amused. :-) but i seriously am not able to understand anything of wht u r saying... and please do let me know which alphite u r; it will be of great help to me.

hi wookie - welcome... welcome! :-) ur comment immediately goaded me to respond--the moment i saw it! some ppl just have it in them, i guess ;-)

reNUka said...

anon @ 5:35 PM, Aug 07, 2005 - first things first. sorry i didnt respond to ur comment! think i was wondering too much abt ur blog/site and forgot to respond :D
welcome home! and thanks a lot... :-)

wookie said...

:) will come back for more ;)

reNUka said...