Friday, August 19, 2005

dust and truck

you ran down on me, and trashed me
like the dust underneath the wheels of a truck,

and i,

i went behind you,
gaining an ephemeral momentum,
like the same loose dust,
mindlessly rushing behind it.

nota bene:
my eyes saw the dust and
imagination created the rest


Arvind said...


reNUka said...


Eroteme said...

First isn't it paradoxical?
Then isn't it ironic?
Now isn't it too dusty? :-D

Nice one. Honest. I could actually see the dust rising and then rushing towards a receding truck... :-)

reNUka said...

thanks a lot, er! :-) i seriously donno wht went wrong with regard to this post--not sure if ppl really liked it or not. for me, it's one of the best, bcos this is the first time i was able to capture well, a plight that i imagined.

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Nicely captured! :) I can sense a helplessness, right or wrong?

reNUka said...

thanks anu - thanks a ton!! :-)

umm... yeah u r right! helplessness in the 'i' of the poem - not in the author though! :-)