Monday, August 01, 2005


If you take it for granted that others know how much you appreciate them, they will probably think you take them for granted. Put thanks and appreciation into words.

- anon

i kinda liked this! believe me. words make quite a lot of difference... :-)


Vijay said...

How true Renu
How true
This was poetic too !!

We humans tend to try to be modest, by saying we don't like to be praised. But it is but human to hear praises of oneself. That is a very important aspect for a leader, who needs to get the best out of his team member, for a friend, who needs to make his struggling friend feel important for all the good things that he has done. For, without explicit words of praise, a friendship remains empty, a leader cannot win.

Say, you didn't tell me whether I cracked the code right :-?

Rathish said...

Completely true. Remember the time when I screamed at my mom coz I had a bad day and my dad suggested, it's not a bad idea to do it to a stranger on a road who I will never see again than to my own mom who means so much to me. The logic of taking for granted people we love the most is indeed perplexing. Sure they will understand but it still pains isn't it.

S m i t h a said...

OK. I appreciate the thoughts and thanks for bringing it to the world's notice.

me understood the post! so the appreciation :D LOL

reNUka said...

hi vijay!! good line of thot... yeah u kinda did crack it! :D

hi rathish - welcome home! :-)
yeah - for that matter, we do take a few of our close associates for granted, on so many occassions - i guess a few are really lucky to have an enduring relationship amidst such painful, bewildering moments!

s m i t h a - thanks for ur APPRECIATION :D - nakkalu jaasthi aagidichu!!

Eroteme said...

Agreed. Long time since I came here. Glad that the look hasn't changed... :-)

reNUka said...

hey er, welcome home! :-) look or the outlook? ;-)