Tuesday, November 08, 2005


The night was chill and calm.
I took refuge in my private music source
to bring myself out of a burgeoning bedlam.

There were big ugly frogs hiding in the pipelines,
scaring me and running a chill down my spine,
a petite beautiful lady chatting with her boyfriend,
construction workers returning from the day’s amends,
and, maintenance boys changing shifts after mends.

Farther from where I am,
a naive adamant kid was refusing to listen to a grownup kid.
After her repeated efforts, patience, and hurt,
she threw her hand, up in the air and broke down,
“Am I here to teach protocols to people?
Won’t it just listen and play with me?”

By now, I had walked closer to them.

The kid’s mother kindly said,
“The kid is still learning, or maybe,
it didn’t know that the lessons were supposed to be learnt.
Or maybe it wouldn’t just learn under you,
however nice you are.
Give up on the kid. It will find its way,
in due course.”


Vanathi said...

Good post...

reNUka said...

thank you vanathi!! :-)

sensiblystoned said...

Give up?? No way, you cant leave every lesson to be learnt by experience can you?? Well, i guess it all depends on the kid!

Sorry, I havent done the story thing yet. Been terribly busy, shall do it soon.

reNUka said...

ss - u r right. but, the mom was advising the grownup to give up on the kid--it is not abt everybody giving up on the kid. and am sure the kid wud listen to its mom or somebody else, whom it likes to learn from. here the focus is on the balance between the grownup wanting the kid to learn from her or wanting the kid to learn.
anyway i think this is too much an answer for a simple thing. :D

reg the story - thts ok. no problem - i understand. :-)

Just A Human said...

I love the way you use words interweaved with your imagination... i can literally visualize your words... great work!
Keep it up.

reNUka said...

just a human!! thanks! :-)