Monday, October 25, 2004

I have always wondered how poets write poems especially the ones that write lyrics for a situation in movies. Where do they draw the inspiration? I am sure any person who is in love will tend to craft poems. Any person who is in poverty may write poems, but of a different genre. But we can’t call them poets. Eventually, poems originate when there is a sustaining source of inspiration and when a person has a strong feeling about something.

I have had strong feelings about many things, but nothing has left deep impressions on mind like the way love has, not even my passionate thought of joining the army. I can’t call it love. I have shared this kind of feeling with a few people in my lives. These are relationships that I treasure.

I am sure one can get immersed in a person completely.

Hear them say 'Please don’t look at me. Your eyes are too strong.'

Kill them with your words and still get away for what you did.

Think exactly the same thing at a given instance and acknowledge the same when the other person blurts it out.

Feel good about the match in the wavelength.

Feel the pain when the other person is in deep trouble.

Sit a thousand miles away but still feel restless when you know that the person will be undergoing one of the toughest moments of ones life then.

Sit just opposite them and feel they have departed you and feel sad for that.

Walk a few kilometers amidst the body ache, just because they insisted, not feel angry and instead smile at them.

Do something that bores you just for a simple fact that doing so will lead to something that they treasure.

Hear them say 'You are such a comfort', even when all you did was just to listen without uttering a word.

Write a few lines about them, read what you have written, relive those written moments and yearn for the same to happen again, with a slight pain inside your throat.

When you land up writing a few of those poetic lines, when you never planned for one.

Now what can I call the above. A poem?? Not sure. Those are just my thoughts translated into words. Well I suppose that is just about it. If I think anymore, I may get into a state where I cant even translate them into words. I shall stop for now. I have to do a planning for the entries of my blog. And not just write. Maybe when I run out of ideas for my blog I can use them. Bye for now!!

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Meera said...

Yes, I have always wondered at poets too! More so, since brevity is not my forte... I marvel at their ability (atleast some of them) to express the most using the least number of words...