Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I remember that I had promised to write a few interesting anecdotes revolving around my watching the tamil movie, 'Azhagiya Theeyae'. I shall keep up my promise and write about it.

This is an intersting obsevation that I made. Everytime I am anrgy, I would feel a rise in temperature around my ears. Now, I understand why cartoonists drew clouds beside each ear and portray them as being really angry. I agree one should reason out the age-old concepts and representations; But not at one's own cost!!

One more information that i would like to share is the word catharsis. (catharsis /kuh-THAR-siss/: n, the release of pent-up emotions. DERIVATIVES cathartic adj. ORIGIN Greek katahirein 'cleanse')

Now, I shall get back to some work and write anecdotes later. Please remind yourself the 'Regurgitating Capabilities' and the 'Self-Developed art of forgetting things that I want to forget'. :-) arrivederci ;-)

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eppadi paarthae azhagiya theeyae..!
ezhudu ezhudu...