Sunday, October 17, 2004

Yesterday at around 11 pm, I happened to be a bit restless; could be primarily because of absence of the company - the lone and steady company - that i have been keeping for the past 8 years. Can u believe? its EIGHT YEARS. Its good to know a person for that long - but considering the fact that i might have to lose out on that person in a few months, i saw this hiatus as a forerunner to the same - and hence was in a very pensive mood last night.

I usually ponder a lot, over such unchangeable things. My (age old and very famous) way of forgetting worries would be sleeping it off, if it was day time and losing out on sleep if it was night. I know that it is a very healthy way to maintain one's mind and psyche. But this time I thought I would do something productive. I mean... productive in my own way. I thought I shall get peep into somebody else's open space. I mean the blogs.

I was wondering where to start? Meanwhile, I visited my blog and clicked the 'next blog' link. Unlike how i thought, the blog that the browser displayed is not the one that is next in the alphabetical order. It chooses a blog in random. It could be in Latin, in Arabic, in Spanish, in any language. In fact I bumped into a some revolutionary movement’s blog. The next minute I closed it :-).

Thinking about the word random - is there a degree in randomness? I am not sure on the logic behind random number generators (RNG). The RNG program should certainly be a piece of code that runs in a loop. It should certainly have a formula that generates consecutive numbers or a sequence that repeats itself after a very long interval. I suppose, the lesser the chances of deciphering the relation between the two conscutive numbers the greater the randomness. With respect to sequence, the sequence should be long enough that one will not be able to follow the pattern. Anyway, if any of you know the logic behind it, please let me know. I know i can google and find out how an RNG works. I know I will!!

Coming back to my rambling, I thought it was too random and I wouldn’t reach anywhere if move so. So i decided to start from the links present in some of the blogs that I know. I found quite a few interesting blogs. The one that caught my attention was '-- L-a-P-S-u-S --- L-i-n-G-u-a-E --'. The minute a saw these words, I was taken aback by surprise. :-).

By the way, I have immense interest in etymology - the study of words and its origins - and in words that have a foreign root (of course English by itself is a conglomeration of foreign languages). Lapsus Linguae and Lapsus Calami were the two words that I discovered when I was looking out for the meaning of a word. They mean 'slip of the tongue' and 'slip of the pen'. I remember the Hindi word: Kalam that means pen.

Anyway, I was awestruck seeing the blog. As I wrote the word 'awestruck', I wanted to be sure of the meaning of the adjective that I used. Word Web says 'Having or showing a feeling of mixed reverence and respect and wonder and dread'. Well, expect for the word 'Dread' this is the word that would be right to use to describe my feelings. I felt so because, I saw the translation of Suprabatham, wordings of Swami Vivekanada, the blog of a Geminine (well, so much for not believing in sun sings!!!), seems like a chennaite (I have used the word 'seems', because I don’t remember seeing the word Chennai). I then read the profile and it said that the blogger has interests in violin and the one of the favorite movies is 'Life is Beautiful'. Wow! that’s amazing. I wanted to read the archives. Luckily the blogger started blogging just a few months back and that made my idea turn to a resolve. More so because I would be able to achieve what I thought - to read the complete archives section. Overall a good blog and by the end of it I was under the impression that the person reads a lot, unlike me. A college goer, unlike me, 21 years unlike me, the part on the 'religion', went over the top... Anyway, so that’s my rendering of the blog 'nous-reigns' - '"common sense"-reigns'.

I wanted to comment - but then I lost the courage (not courage but....probably I would have gotten into the brittle shell that I get into whenever I see a good piece of work. The brittle shell being: Me being unable to perform the way my fellow human beings perform. Forget that - its brittle anyway!! I think I have overdone blogging today. It shows - because 'New brooms sweep well!'. By the way, I saw 'Azhagiya Theeyae' and shall blog about the things that I found interesting, the next time I blog. Trust me! I believe I have one of the most powerful brains in the world. One of the unique features is the regurgitating capabilities that I have. Not to forget the self-developed art of forgetting the things I want to forget. A Perfect Paradox. Right!!

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Meera said...

Hi Renuka!

Welcome to Blogging :)
Thank you for your comment at LL.
Keep chugging away. I am listening in Madras...:)